Johnson & Johnson reaches an agreement to pay $1 billion to resolve hip implant lawsuits 

Earlier in the week, citing people close to the matter, it was revealed that Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay a sum of nearly $1billion in an attempt to resolve most lawsuits claiming it sold defective metal-on-metal hips that gradually had to be removed.

As per the people closely following the matter, who asked to remain anonymous as they are not permitted to talk publicly about the accords, “following the agreement, J&J has now resolved more than 95% of the 6,000 cases in which surgeons extracted the Pinnacle implants due to defects that left patients in pain and unable to walk.

An earlier settlement for more than $400 million is also covered by the reported $1billion. The people further said, about 4,500 lawsuits filed by patients with artificial hips that are not made totally of metal or have not been surgically removed are yet to receive a reply by Johnson & Johnson.


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